How to be retired, lesson number One. Sleep at least till dawn! I flunked that pop quiz this morning and was up at zero-dark-thirty. Routine is good for a person, right? I am a “do-er” and I truly don’t know how to be retired. But […]

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Today is a red-letter day for me. You know on the calendar when they put special days in red and the font is big and bold or circled? That’s today for me. When I leave my office this afternoon, it will be for the last […]

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You’ll Love It

The moment I wondered about has come… That moment when I sit staring at a blank screen thinking, “I can’t write about that song again!” That moment when I’m faced with choosing something else, because there are always songs running in my brain, or being […]

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Walk Worthy

I am the product of an oxymoron. I was raised in suburbia by country people. My parents were born and raised in western Kentucky, but we were born and raised (mostly) in suburban Detroit. We heard that slow southern drawl at home, but the short, […]

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I’m With You

Nichole Nordeman and Amy Grant sing a beautiful song that depicts the story of Naomi and Ruth called, I’m With You, and it’s been stuck in my head all night long. I accompanied a duet yesterday at our church on this song. It just speaks […]

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On this stormy Lord’s Day, I wake up to the sound of thunder, heavy rain, and the David Crowder Band singing O Praise Him in my aching head. Aching because of the storm and the pressure system, and because I slept later than normal so […]

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Franz Marc's Blue Horses a la me

Cloud Nine

I am what they call “short.” Not in stature by any stretch (I’m a tall woman) but “short” as in “short-timer.” One week from today will be my first official day as a retired person. All the months of working and planning for these last […]

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Let. It. Be.

“I wake up to the sound of music” every morning of my life, and this morning I heard almost exactly that line as my clock went off and I reached to stop it. I’m hearing the Beatles classic, Let It Be, in my head. I’m […]

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I’m Alive

“I’m on fire.” This one line is running in my head this morning, and I had to look it up to see where it came from. It’s a song by Peter Furler called I’m Alive. Here are the words to the chorus: I’m alive I’m […]

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