Along the ride

Yesterday, I wrote about happiness being a byproduct of gratitude. (Read HAPPY here.) After writing that post, I hopped on my brand new bike to take it out for its maiden ride. I thought I’d just ride up the road a little, check it out, […]

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I’ve been painting again. Walls, not pictures this time. It’s long overdue, and I enjoy doing it. While I paint, I listen to music for a while, then I switch to podcasts. The other day I listened to a podcast of the TED Radio Hour […]

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Road Trip!

My husband is one of those people with a terrific long-term memory. Sometimes, I sit and stare while he recounts something from 30 years ago, because I am truly amazed at the detail. On the other hand, I am one of those people with an […]

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Listening. It’s a lost art. Our minds and ears are assaulted from the minute we wake up until we go to sleep (and sometimes even while we are asleep) with sound. We wake to music on our alarms, or in our heads as I do, […]

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You Raise Me Up

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short post about a song called, Hope Can Change Everything (read it here.) This little post is my number-one-viewed on the blog. Every day somebody will bring it up on their computer because they searched for “who sings […]

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A new crop

I am so proud of this generation! The young people coming into adulthood now and those in their 20’s and 30’s are making a difference in our world in a big way. More and more young men and women are volunteering in their local communities. […]

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If there’s anybody here who’s found Him faithful Anybody here who knows He’s able Say Amen And if there’s anybody here who’s seen His power Anybody here brought through the fire Say Amen Anybody here found joy in the middle of sorrow Peace in the […]

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Today is “Throwback Thursday” in Facebook world. TBT. I love seeing all the old pics and remembering people way back when. My sister used to say “in the olden days.” Thirty years ago isn’t really the olden days, but from my perspective this morning, it […]

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I love waking up in mid-song, waking up with my spirit already in the middle of praising God, even before my brain catches up. This morning, this wonderful song from NEEDTOBREATHE was coming through loud and clear. It’s called Multiplied, and I had never heard […]

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