Morning hug

I will arise and go to Jesus.
He will embrace me in his arms.
In the arms of my dear savior
Oh, there are ten thousand charms.

As I hear this in my head this morning, I think how appropriate to hear “I will arise and go to Jesus” upon waking!  I always felt like God has a sense of humor. 🙂 This morning, as every morning, it’s as if the holy spirit is nudging me toward our appointment.  So I get UP!!!

It’s not even 5:00 a.m. but I’m wide awake with this melody rolling around in my head.  It’s written in a minor key and not the perkiest thing to hear at this time of the morning.  But this little snippet of lyric speaks to me.  I WILL arise.  I WILL go to Jesus.  HE will embrace me in HIS arms.  In the arms of MY savior there ARE ten thousand charms.

Sometimes, I wonder where these songs are coming from… I mean, it’s not as if I was humming this tune while I brushed my teeth last night.  Many people have a ‘favorite’ old hymn.  Occasionally, someone will tell me they want me to play “Amazing Grace” or “How Great Thou Art” at their funeral someday.  I don’t have a favorite.  How could I?  I’ve been playing since I was seven years old, and there have been a lot of hymns run through these hands and through this mind.  I could not possibly choose just one, but this one would be on the list.

This old hymn, written for Southern Harmony style singing… 4 parts, unaccompanied… is beautiful to hear, beautiful in its simplicity, and beautiful in that it draws me to Jesus.  Hearing it, playing it, singing it, even in my head, pulls me out of myself and puts me in the lap of Jesus.  It’s a great morning hug from my Lord… he WILL embrace me in his arms.  I recently heard that humans need 12 hugs each day to be happy and healthy.  It’s nice to get my first one from God.


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