It’s Raining!!

It’s raining this morning. I can hear it outside my window in the dark. Not storming or blowing against the house, but a quiet steady rain. This is the kind of rain I don’t mind. It sounds soft against the window… A refreshing spring rain. The kind that waters the ground and all the new plant life opening up, budding out, preparing to bloom and bless us with beauty.

This kind of rain is what I imagine the love of God to be like. Soft when it falls on me, soaking into my soul. Refreshing my heavy heart and giving me what I need to truly grow and bloom where I am planted.

These words just popped into my head as I’m listening and writing…

Rain Your love down on my soul
Soft and gentle, sweet and pure,
As I reach toward the light of Your mercy.
Wash away my guilt and shame.
Bring new life by Your sweet name.
Rain on me till I’m no longer thirsty.

Exactly what I needed this morning! I’m really struggling with some things right now, and it’s so easy for me to get self-focused and forget why I’m here and why I do what I do. It’s so easy for me to depend on myself rather than the One who put me here.

Life would be so much easier if I let the soft rain of God’s love soak in, refresh me, keep me nurtured and growing. But more often than not, I open my “self” umbrella that shields me from the rain, keeps me dry and dependent on what my feeble human mind and body can do.

Lord, I want to dance in the rain with You! Splash in the puddles of Your love. Turn my head up and open my mouth to let Your rain fall soft upon my tongue. Unafraid. Unabandoned. Arms wide open.

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