Hide and Seek

If I sleep until the clock goes off, I hear harp music first thing. It’s one of the built-in sounds on my smart phone, and I chose it because it’s quiet and soft… All I need to wake up. Most of the time I’m awake before the clock goes off anyway, but not this morning. As I reach to turn it off, these words are singing at full volume with full choral arrangement… Totally opposite of the harp music!

What can I say to hide my sorrow?
What can I say to take away my sin?

That’s it. Nothing more. Over and over. And in my mind I know the answer is “nothing!” There is nothing I can SAY that will take away any sorrow or grief, pain or sin in my life. Nothing I can do. Because it’s not up to me.

As I write, the word “hide” keeps popping up, and I’m wondering why I would want to hide my sorrow. Hide out of sight? Hide away from the world?

One of my father’s favorite old hymns is “He Hideth My Soul.” (I know it’s old because of the “eth” tacked onto the word “hide” 🙂 )There’s one line that I love and it comes to mind now… “He Hideth my life in the depths of his love and covers me there with his hand.” I thinks that’s what my heart was singing this morning. How can I hide my sorrow? Only in the depths of Jesus love. When I allow myself to fall into the well of His love and be covered by his protective hand, then… And only then… I am able to set my sorrow and grief aside.

“And covers me there with his hand.” He covers me. There. With HIS hand. There’s nothing I can say or do… It’s all on Him and I’m so glad, because His back is stronger, His arms are wider, His love is deeper than anything. And the beautiful part, like the dove in the picture attached to this post, is that I can hide in plain sight! He’s got me covered!! Divine hide and seek!

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