The Joy of the Soul

My beautiful and only daughter got married in December, and moved away… To Denmark. But before she left, she gifted me with music. It was one of those wall script things that says, “Music expresses the joy of the soul.” I promptly put it on the wall in my studio where I can see it every morning.

She’s right, of course. My daughter knows me well. She knew how hard it would be for me to watch her leave, to see her fly away to a new life in a far-away country. She knows that music always brings me back around. When I need it most, it’s there… As far back as I can remember.

Music helps me FIND the joy in my soul. When I’m feeling bad, sad, mad, or just plain sorry for myself, music pulls out the joy. I sit down to play and feel better after a while. I turn on the radio or my iPod and feel better after a while. And at night, it’s always there, just as the Psalmist wrote, “and in the night His song shall be with me, a prayer to the God of my life.” (Psalm 42:8b) Maybe that’s why people say ‘things will look better in the morning.’

And this morning, things look better than they did last night. Here’s what I woke up with… It’s a Shane & Shane song called That’s How You Forgive.

You lived the life I could never live
You died the death, oh, that I deserve
You rose to life and now You live
That’s how You forgive

You can see all the lyrics here

When I wake up with this in my head, how can I help from being full of joy? Jesus lived, died, and rose again so that I could live and forgive. I pray that in the night, His songs will always be with me… A prayer to the God of MY life.

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