Raise Your Hands!

This morning when my eyes popped open, my mind was immediately in the middle of this verse, a contemporary mezzo voice (not one I recognize) with full orchestration. I grabbed my phone to capture the words in a note. Mornings with fresh, new verse… Fresh, new music are rare and special to me.

Lord I lift my hands to You
For the love You brought me to
And I lift my hands on high
For the love I can’t deny
Lord I lift my hands in praise
Of the love You give always
I lift my hands to God above
And I thank Him for His love

I’m not sure what else there is with it… Maybe it will reveal itself as I write. And as I write, I stop to lift my hands to God and thank Him for another day of life, for the words He’s given me.

This verse is floating through my mind, “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8. And another, “By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us.” 1 John 3:16. A love like this deserves hands raised in thankfulness and praise.

I have always tried to take care of my hands. It goes with being a pianist, I suppose. I can’t stand for them to get rough or dry or damaged, though they have been often, and I do have some osteoarthritis in them. My hands have become even more important since I began working in the deaf community and learning American Sign Language. So now, lifting my hands has a whole new meaning. I’m not yet fluent in ASL, but I can hold my own and rarely need an interpreter.

I think in sign often, especially through music. I sign it in my mind, and sometimes I drive with my knees so I can sign during a song. (Maybe I shouldn’t say that!) I’ve never interpreted music for others, only for myself. My lifelong favorite way to worship God is through music at the piano. I love to sing, but don’t get much opportunity to do so. Playing piano has given me a way to express my love for my Lord. But through the gift of sign language, I have another way.

Sometimes words just cannot express what I’m feeling or thinking, but a word or phrase in ASL fits perfectly. And sometimes I wonder if God’s ears get tired of hearing my voice… Of hearing requests, and repetitions. When I express myself in sign language, God can SEE me, see what I feel, see what I think, see what I need. Of course, our God sees and knows all… But when I can express it to Him with my hands, I feel as though I’m expressing a part of me that nobody else but God can see or understand.

2 thoughts on “Raise Your Hands!

  1. *Correction* You may be surprised how quickly the chorus and additional verses with optional bridge may come to you. Are you sure these lyrics are a verse? Could they be the chorus? The words have a Chorus feel to them but you are the one that heard the full orchestration…


  2. I love the words in this verse.. I would love to hear the melody. Lay down the chords and build from there. You might be surprised how quickly the verses and optional bridge may come to you..


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