Have you ever gone back to a place you’ve only ever been to once before, but the moment you saw it or stepped foot on it, you knew… Home. Our vacation spot is the same place we visited last year. When we finally arrived late yesterday and set foot in the sand and heard the ocean and the birds, saw the water and felt the breeze, I said out loud to my husband, “I’m home!!!!”

I knew I was in desperate need of a vacation, a little time away to relax and rest. I just had no idea how much until I set foot on the beach. Then, every song I knew about “home” popped into my head. From Simon and Garfunkel (Home, where the music’s playing) to MercyMe (when I finally make it home) to John Denver (Ain’t it good to be back home again.)

The song in my head this morning doesn’t have anything to do with being home or the beach. But it gives me reason to believe and hope in my heavenly home. That final place where I will be with my Lord Jesus forever, that place where I will take one step and know that I am home.

You lived a life I could never live
You died the death, oh, that I deserve
You rose to life and now You live
That’s how You forgive

Because Jesus died and rose again, because He forgives me all my sins and casts them as far as the East is from the West, I WILL be home in heaven someday.

Listen to Shane & Shane perform That’s How You Forgive

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