What heals me

I was born and raised a landlubber, but I love the sea. The artist in me loves the way the water changes colors through the day, and how the sun shimmers on the water at sunset. I’ve sketched pelicans, sandpipers, egrets, children, palm trees… Lots of good subject matter at the beach. Last year, we came to this same beach for vacation. We rarely visit the same place twice… There are so many places to see! But we loved it so much, and the salt air heals me.

Salt and sand. They permeate everything when you’re on vacation at the beach, don’t they? Weeks later, we find sand in shoes or bags. And the salt air makes my hair curly and stiff… Without even trying. I think that God’s love is like the salt air. It seeps into every pore without us even noticing, and as we breathe it into our lungs, it cleanses and heals.

Have you noticed how salt whitens everything it touches when it sits in the sun? God’s love does the same thing! Just like the salt air, it whitens, purifies, cleanses us when it soaks in the Son.And just like I need to get a good dose of salt air at least once a year, I need to get a daily dose of God’s perfect love… To feel Him moving all around me, permeating every part of my heart and soul. It heals me.

Off to the beach for one last look before we hit the road home this morning. But, just like the love of my Lord, I know it’s there waiting for me when I return, ready to give me what I need.

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