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When I woke up this morning, the sun was peaking over the horizon, checking to see if I was ready to play. More than ready, I jumped out of bed, almost giddy with anticipation and excitement. My studio waits patiently, like a long-lost friend, as I make a cup of dark French roast coffee and head up the stairs.

Watching the familiar sunrise from my studio window, I think of all the sunsets I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks. Amazing Technicolor displays over mountains, the piedmont, the ocean… Stunning! And yet. And yet, nothing compares to the sun rising over the farmland and treetops right here in central Kentucky. Because it’s home.

As I fell asleep last night in my own bed in my own house, I was thanking God for safe travels, a chance to rest and relax, time away with my husband, beautiful places to visit, dear friends and family who provided for us during this time… and so much more. As I awoke this morning, this one line of lyric and music is running through my head…

How will I ever declare my love for You?

Because I feel that, no matter how I try, I will never be able to express to my precious Lord Jesus how much I love Him. How grateful I am to God for His blessings beyond measure. Words cannot express how my heart feels at this moment on this Lord’s day to be here, in my home, in my studio, with my Bible and my coffee, writing this love letter to God. And I can only imagine that this is a teeny tiny, itty bitty little piece of how I will feel when I finally make it Home to Heaven and see Jesus face to face.

Have a listen to a couple of songs that popped into my mind as I wrote… Both are MercyMe songs.

I Can Only Imagine

Finally Home

I chose the title for this blog because none others seemed to fit. The featured image is our home in Kentucky.

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