Love Songs

Can I just say that aging sucks? Granted, it’s better than the alternative. I’m blessed to have a wonderful life, and my future is in God’s hands. But sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in a window or a mirror and I don’t recognize myself. Most of the time I’m okay with it… White hair, sagging skin, puffy eyes… They’re all part of living as this ball goes around the sun. But sometimes the Enemy gets to me and I feel old, ugly, unlovable.

I woke up this morning with two songs singing over me at the same time. Both about love. Maybe I need to really hear them this morning. Stephen Curtis Chapman is singing these words in his song, “Love Take Me Over.

Love, take these words that I’m speaking
Love, take these thoughts that I’m thinking
Love, take me over
Love, fill up all of my space and
Love, stand right here in my place
Love, hear this prayer that I’m praying
Love, take me, Love, take me over
Love, take me over

This is what I’m sure of, I can only show love
When I really know how loved I am

When it over takes me, then it animates me
Flowing from my heart into my hands

So I’m praying, Father, help my heart believe
That right now You’re singing over me
And fill me up with Your love

The other song is “With Every Act of Love” by Jason Gray.

Oh – we bring the Kingdom come
Oh – with every act of love
Jesus help us carry You
Alive in us, Your light shines through
With every act of love
We bring the Kingdom come

I am a list-maker, and I’ve listened to both of these songs while writing this post this morning. Five things I know for sure…

1. God is perfect love
2. God poured His perfect love into my imperfect heart through His son
3. I have to love myself before I can lavish that love on others
4. I must love others as I am loved by God
5. We bring God’s kingdom here on earth “with every act of love”

Reminding myself of these things should be my first act of love every day. And to use God and His word as my mirror, so that I reflect HIS love to others. On second thought, aging isn’t so bad… It gives me more time to love. More time for kingdom-bringing. Practice makes perfect!

Featured photo: I took this picture of fireworks last night at the Independence Day celebration at our local park. We had a front row seat and we could feel the “booms” in our chest as they exploded. This is what God’s love feels like to me.

The song titles are links to YouTube videos. Please have a listen.

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