Buffering. It has to be one of the most exasperating things in my life. That tiny little bar that moves soooooooo slowly while I wait and watch, knowing that it doesn’t matter what I do or how frustrated I get… I am not in control of when the streaming will catch up with itself and run properly. Who knew about “buffering” before the internet, anyway, right?

This morning I watched the little bar move (occasionally) while trying to see the weekly Bible study video for the series I’m working through right now. While I waited, I was thinking about “buffering” and how, even in the mountains and at the beach, it didn’t buffer at all! I also thought about what a “buffer” is, and it occurred to me that the Holy Spirit acts as our buffer in this life.

I looked it up and here’s what I found:

buffer (n) buff·er[ búffər ]

1. protector against impact: somebody or something that reduces shock or impact or protects against other harm, usually by interception

2. memory area: a temporary storage area for data being transmitted between two devices that function at different speeds.

I love it when God shows up this way! The precious Holy Spirit is our protector against the impact of the Enemy. Having the Holy Spirit with us eases the shock or impact of any harm we may come across in this life. He intercedes for us when we don’t even know how to pray for ourselves. He is our Helper, our Comforter, our very present help in times of trouble.

The Holy Spirit acts as our mediator with God. He takes all the information and knowledge and power that God wants to give and feeds it to us at a speed we can handle. And He takes our feeble attempts to communicate with God straight to His throne room and intercedes (translates) for us.

There’s a third definition for a buffer in the science world. A substance that minimizes a change in pH of a solution by neutralizing added acids and bases. Isn’t that similar to what the Holy Spirit does for us? He takes the sting out of the acids in our life… our trouble, our sorrow, our grieving… and bears it for us, stabilizes us, and makes us useful for God’s purpose for us.

He is our cushion.

He is our space between.

I don’t think I’ll look at that little buffering bar the same way ever again. And maybe, instead of getting frustrated and impatient, I’ll use that moment of wait time to say a prayer of thanks to God for sending His Holy Spirit as our Buffer with a capital B.

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