Glorious Unfolding

What is it with 3:00 in the morning? Three days in a row, I’ve been awakened at 3:00 a.m. with part of a song, and then again when the clock goes off! This morning’s song fits perfectly with yesterday’s lyrics. On the heals of “no guilt, no shame, no pointing fingers, no blame” I heard these words from Stephen Curtis Chapman…

So hold on to every promise God has made to us
And watch this glorious unfolding

Like the other mornings, I didn’t hear the full song, just these two lines. I love the thought of a “glorious unfolding” and what that could mean. My Mamaw was a quilter and her momma before her and her momma before her. She passed it on to her daughter and a few of her granddaughters. I like to quilt and have made several, though my favorites are the quilts I make for my grandchildren when they are born.

When I think of a “glorious unfolding” I think of the time I watched my Mamaw unfold an antique quilt that her grandmother had made. It was made from dark, rich colors and fabrics and she had used a postage stamp as her pattern to cut the squares. As Mamaw unfolded that quilt, I watched in awe and amazement that something so beautiful could come from scraps. Tiny little perfect stitches held those tiny little squares together. Truly a work of art, though the woman who created it only made it to sleep under.

Part of the reason I like to quilt is the “making order out of chaos” part of it… Taking all those random squares or shapes and piecing them together into order. It quiets my mind and helps me sort through things. What if that’s exactly what God is doing right now? What if God is taking all the chaotic “squares” of my life and piecing them together so that, when my life is finished and I meet Him face to face, I see the glorious unfolding of the quilt of my life as only God could design it.

If I hold on to God’s promises, if I continue to follow Him and let the Holy Spirit lead me, HE will do the work. He will take all the scraps of my life and stitch them together into a work of art. And maybe those who come behind me, generations from now, will see my life and find me faithful.

Click here to listen to Glorious Unfolding by Stephen Curtis Chapman


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