You want fries with that?

When my eyes opened this morning it was like somebody hit the play button on my iPod. Psalms 40:3 says “He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.” And that’s exactly what He did this morning! I grabbed a cup of coffee and tried to get the words and melody written before I forget them.

Lord, here I fall down on my knees
So that my heart can lift you up
Lord, here I fall down and beg you please
Quench this thirst and fill my cup

Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up Lord
Quench this thirsting in my soul
Lord, I know at your well of
Grace mercy and love
You’ll fill my cup and make me whole

I don’t know how to describe how I feel right now. It’s like when someone offers you something to drink and you take it to be polite. But after you take a sip, you realize how thirsty you are and gulp it down. Dry. Parched. Cotton-mouthed.

People are literally dying of thirst in a world full of Super-Size and Big Gulps. It isn’t often we say, “just a little for me, thanks.” So why do we do that with God? Why do we want only a little bit of what The Holy Spirit wants to give? Do we really want just a little bit of the salvation that Christ came to give? Or do we want the BIG GULP of God??

I say order the Super-Size, because we just don’t realize how thirsty we are for the grace, love and mercy He has to offer us. It’s there. All poured up with a straw in it, ready for us to take that first sip… Ready to refresh us and quench the thirst we don’t even know we have.

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