I’m Alive

“I’m on fire.” This one line is running in my head this morning, and I had to look it up to see where it came from. It’s a song by Peter Furler called I’m Alive. Here are the words to the chorus:

I’m alive
I’m on fire
And my spirit burns with desire
You set me alight
And with no way to hold it inside
I wanted to thank You
Thank You
Thank You

My kids all grew up going to church camp every summer at Aldersgate, a tiny Methodist camp outside Ravenna, Kentucky. All of them considered Aldersgate their second home at one point or another, and they all counseled or worked there in their teen years. They would come home with a bag full of filthy, muddy, damp clothes infested with crawly things and packed in clay from the famous “clay wall.” Cheesy bread and swimming still fresh in their minds, and the fire of the Holy Spirit still fresh in their hearts.

I lived for those summer weeks when the kids came home on fire for God! They would spend a week playing, singing, learning, praying, worshipping, absorbing all that God had to pour into their hearts and minds… And then come home still lit up with it, ready to share it, even when they counseled or worked! The fire of the Holy Spirit is contagious!!

If I’m on fire, if my spirit burns with desire, if God has set me alight with his love and grace and mercy, then there will be no way to hold it inside! Just like my kids every summer, and even since then. A couple of them still go back to visit every summer because they’re family now. Many of those camp kids have gone on to full-time ministry and mission work. I’m thankful that nearly 25 years ago, our pastor suggested that our oldest go with his son to Aldersgate for a week. Life changing for our whole family for generations.

Fire burns, consumes, cleanses, purifies, warms, spreads… And I don’t want to put it out!!

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