Cloud Nine

I am what they call “short.” Not in stature by any stretch (I’m a tall woman) but “short” as in “short-timer.” One week from today will be my first official day as a retired person. All the months of working and planning for these last few days are finally drawing to a close, and it’s almost time to turn in my keys and my badge and move on to the “next big thing” in my life.

I am SO excited, because God just continues to amaze me! Yesterday, the beautiful people I work with took me to lunch and threw a retirement party for me. When I got back to my office, I returned a call that has the potential to point me in a whole new direction… The one I’ve been feeling led toward for a long time… The direction I’ve been excited about and praying and hoping for… PAINTING! It may not pan out, but I’ve been on cloud nine thinking about the possibilities.

I love how God waited until my last week of working my “real” job to show me to something else. He saw my struggle with picking a retirement date, with leaving these people, with making such big changes. He knows how I feel led to stick with August 1st, and it feels as though God wanted me know that I made the right choice, that He definitely has other plans for me. And no matter what those plans may be, I want to honor God in them and through them.

I’ve never been a dreamer… You know those people who dream big and make it happen. But I’m learning. I’m taking to heart God’s promise that, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I want to serve The Lord in my retirement… Which, by the way, does not exist in the scriptures. If God is willing and has a place for me, I want to lead Bible studies, serve my local church, work with missions, continue leading worship with my music, writing, cooking, art… And so much more.

Satan would have it otherwise. His fiery darts are aimed right at my heart, right at my mind and my desires. Already I have tiny niggling thoughts worming their way into my joy. The song in my head this morning is one line… “I don’t want to mess this thing up.” I’m not even sure where it comes from! But I do know that God’s will won’t take me where his grace won’t follow.

So, as my daddy always says, “Devil take the hindmost.”

the featured image is my attempt at Franz Marc’s Blue Horses and is a work in progress.

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