I’m With You

Nichole Nordeman and Amy Grant sing a beautiful song that depicts the story of Naomi and Ruth called, I’m With You, and it’s been stuck in my head all night long. I accompanied a duet yesterday at our church on this song. It just speaks to my heart. One of the verses…

You do your best to build a higher wall
To keep love safe from any wrecking ball
When the dust has cleared we will
See the house that Love rebuilds
Guarding beauty that lives here still

If I allow myself, I can see the “house that love rebuilds guarding beauty” that has been there, inside me, all along! I’ve heard, read, studied the story of Ruth most of my life, and I love how this song tells me to depend on others in my tough times, and to BE that person for someone else walking through their own wilderness time. But this morning, I’m hearing it differently.

Maybe it’s because I heard it all night long, every time I woke up or turned over, but I feel as though the Holy Spirit is singing this song over me through these words…

You and me
Me and you
Where you go I’ll go too
I’m with you, I’m with you,.
‘Till your heart finds a home
I won’t let you feel alone,
I’m with you, I’m with you, with you.

No matter where I go today, this week, this month, this year, or in this life, the Holy Spirit goes with me. Loving, protecting, encouraging, admonishing, lifting me up, guiding me on the road of this life. And when I love other people, maybe they will understand a little bit more that God loves them too. One more line I love…

Who can say I’m left with nothing?
When I have all of you, all of you
In the way you’ve always loved me.
I remember, He does too

The Bible gives us real life applications, and this story has been typified for weddings. But I see it as a personal reminder that I am never alone. And it reminds me that how I love others matters!

Click here to listen to I’m With You.

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