Today is a red-letter day for me. You know on the calendar when they put special days in red and the font is big and bold or circled? That’s today for me. When I leave my office this afternoon, it will be for the last time. I will be retired from my position as a Human Resources Administrator for the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Department of Education at the Kentucky School for the Deaf. Wow… I’ve never seen it all written out that way!

I’ve learned a few things through the years of my career…

Most people are kind and want to make a difference. My career in state government has been in hospital facilities, law offices and schools. The people in every place were most interested in helping others, not themselves.

My plans are not always God’s plans! I was studying to be a concert pianist when I needed a job in college. The financial aid director at Morehead State put me to work doing payroll for the rest of the work-study students and that ended up being my career!

Peanut shells make a terrible mess on the carpet! That same financial aid director was addicted to them, and at the end of every day his desk and the floor were littered with peanut shell “dust.”

People need. Every place I’ve worked, people have come to me for advice, encouragement, prayer… I’ve been a sounding board for a lot of people, and not just because it’s part and parcel to HR. I’ve been nicknamed “Doc” in at least two workplaces. Mostly people just want to know you care.

Doctors, Lawyers, and PhD’s may be able to do a lot of things but a timesheet ain’t one of ’em!!

No matter how hard I work, it’s never done. I can cross things off my list all day, but twice as many things will be added to it. So take things one at a time. I’m preaching to myself on this one because today’s list is endless and there is no “I’ll do it tomorrow” for me on this job.

American Sign Language. Just when I’m becoming fluent in the language, it’s time to leave. That irony hasn’t escaped me, or the deaf community. But I want to take this newfound skill and run with it in my art and in how I serve God going forward.

Never wear my “kiss me, I’m Irish” button at work on St. Patrick’s Day. Somebody will!

God provides. Through my career, God provided a paycheck, vacations, sick leave when I needed it, people who helped me and mentored me, promotions, raises, education, co-workers willing to take some of the load, leaders who let me run with it, and dear friends. Dear. Friends.

God is alive and well in the workplace if I am there, because he lives in me through his precious Holy Spirit!

So today will be tough mentally, physically, and emotionally for me. But I know God is with me and has already gone before me and prepared the way. I can’t wait to see how this next chapter in my life unfolds. The next three months are already full with Bible studies to do and to teach, a new grandchild coming, travel to Denmark, a Shakespearean acting class, a new opportunity for my painting, and so much more!!

So today, as I finish the work that I can and clean out my office, pack up my stuff, and turn in my badge and my keys, say goodbye and turn a new page in this book called my life, any and all prayers are appreciated!!!!! The Lord is faithful!

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