How to be retired, lesson number One. Sleep at least till dawn! I flunked that pop quiz this morning and was up at zero-dark-thirty. Routine is good for a person, right? I am a “do-er” and I truly don’t know how to be retired. But the song in my head this morning is giving me a little hint. The line on a loop is, “No one but Jesus, nobody else can show us how” from a song called Ain’t I a Woman.

Did you know that “retirement” is not in the scriptures? I have always counted on the fact that God uses old(er) people. I’ve spent the first half of my life raising a family and earning a living, and, while I served my church through those years, I always felt as though there was more out there for me to do. More to see, more to try, more to learn, more to experience. And now I have more time to try.

Yes, I have stuff I need to do. My house needs some serious attention as does my body. Exercise, diet, cleaning, and painting are all on my list. And there are things I want to do like travel, expand my art and music horizons, spend a lot more time with family. The trick for me is going to be how to balance it all. One thing I know… My early mornings will continue, because keeping my appointment with The Lord in the mornings makes the rest of my day go right, whatever I’m doing.

Yesterday was a hard day, but I got through it one task at a time, one minute at a time, one hug at a time. There were two things I saved to pack until the last minute. One was my sign on the door… A painted wooden sign that says, “Dear Lord, please let this be a flip-flop day.” It has a pair of flip-flops painted on it with a beach behind it. Yes! The other was my little Bible that I kept on my desk. God’s instruction manual for life, including how to be retired. “No one but Jesus, nobody else can show me how!”

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