I love surprises, and I have one coming today! Today we are celebrating my retirement!! My husband is taking me on an adventure. I don’t know where we’re going, but I’m excited to get there because he is excited to show me. He is in control today, and I will let him have control because he has made all the arrangements. And because he is extremely excited about whatever this is!

The song in my head this morning is TobyMac’s Take It Away, which I wrote about on April 6th.

If you want to steal my show,
I’ll sit back and watch you go.
If you’ve got something to say,
go on and take it away.

And that’s exactly how I’m feeling this morning… My husband can take it away today. I feel very blessed that he wants to celebrate this major life event for me. And I can’t wait to see what he has in mind. It’s the same way with God. I give him complete control, and I sit back and watch to see what he is going to do in my life in the coming weeks and months. And years, for that matter.

This morning, I read again my post from April 26th called Decision Made. (read it here.) It is reassuring to me to read it again, to read what I was thinking and see how I was feeling then, and know that I made the right decision. Because this morning is an almost identical morning to that very day. And I’m feeling light happy and breezy. Trusting God for my future and excited to see where he will take me… God AND my husband.

To God be the glory!!!

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