Good Love

I love it when God gives me a new song, and He did this morning!! Here are the lyrics for verse and chorus. I’m still writing the music out, though I hear it in my head and sing it out loud.

Lord I come into your presence
And I lay down my life
Just to hear you sing your sweet songs over me
Lord I’m captured by your mercy
And driven to my knees
Overwhelmed by the love you have for me
Unworthy of your grace and forgiveness
This gift of love is almost more than I can take

Hold me close, precious Lord
Never let me go
Keep me safe in your arms of endless mercy
Wash away all my stain
Reach into my heart
Lord, and turn me back with your good love.

I’m never sure where it comes from, but I write it down and the words just… Come.

I love the line, “turn me back with your good love.” That’s exactly what he does… God turns us around by loving us. And that’s how we can turn others to Jesus. Good love. Loving others the best way we can. Seeing need and meeting it, whatever it may be.

Good love. If God is good, and God is love, then good love can only come from God, right? And if we are spirit-filled believers, then we have God in us. So we have His good love in us. And it just screams to be unleashed on others. Lavished on others.

Like another old song says, “They will know we are Christians by our love!”

I love the featured image. It’s a Bing homepage download, and I chose it because the water pooling and spilling and pooling and spilling reminds me of God’s love… It pools, builds, grows in us and then spills over to others where it pools, builds, grows in them and spills over to even more people. Endless.

To God be the glory!!!

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