He’s surely alive!

My sister has worked in the health care field for her entire career, proudly working as a Certified Nurse Aide all those years. CNA’s do all the work the nurses don’t have time to do or don’t want to do for very little pay. But the CNA’s also get the benefit of building relationship with their patients. She frequently gets patients asking for her rather than someone else, returning just to say hello and to tell her what a great job she did when they were in her care.

The difference? I think it’s because she loves them. Pure and simple. Not in a mushy-valentine-hearts-and-roses kind of way, but the love-is-something-you-DO kind of way. She does the hard stuff nobody wants to do. She listens when nobody else will. She holds a hand as long as it takes. She encourages them to do the things they don’t want to do, even though they must, and somehow convinces them to do it when others can’t. She has a special touch. She has kindness in her hands.

She’s a wonderful example to me (even though she’s the “baby” sister) of serving where you are planted. God nudged her toward this back when she was just out of high school, and she flourished in it. Every time she has tried to do something else, He calls her right back to it. Because when she is serving her patients, she is serving The Lord. When she is encouraging and kind and loving on her patients, Jesus comes through even if she’s not aware of it. Even if her patients aren’t aware of it. She can hold a hand and pray for someone in pain and they never know it.

Christ living in me means He goes with me wherever I am. If I’m at work, Jesus is there. If I’m at home, he is here. Whatever I set my mind to do, whatever my hands find to do, whatever work, or play, or music, or art, or menial task I get myself into… Jesus is there because I am there. The song in my head this morning is the Newsboys, God’s Not Dead.

God’s not dead, he’s surely alive
He’s living on the inside, roaring like a lion

Not a mousey quiet Lord going along with whatever I want. He is alive and well, raring to go if I am willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus in my world.

Go here to listen to the Newsboys God’s Not Dead

The featured image is a little painting I did of my sister’s chihuahua, Beatrice… They’ve been taking care of each other for almost 15 years.

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