I love waking up in mid-song, waking up with my spirit already in the middle of praising God, even before my brain catches up. This morning, this wonderful song from NEEDTOBREATHE was coming through loud and clear. It’s called Multiplied, and I had never heard it before last weekend. Here are the lyrics in their entirety.

Your love is
Like radiant diamonds
Bursting inside us
We cannot contain
Your love will
Surely come find us
Like blazing wildfires
Singing your name

God of mercy
Sweet love of mine
I have surrendered to your design
may this offering stretch across the sky
And these hallelujahs be multiplied

When he came home for a couple of days, Daniel asked me to look at this song and work through it with him. LOVE!! Aside from the joy of working through music with my son and listening to him sing (this mother’s dream come true), this song shouts to God what I want him to hear and know.

Two lines jump out at me. “Your love will surely come find us like blazing wildfires.” As a child of God, what else do I need to know??? God seeks us, but when these boys from Possum Kingdom, South Carolina put it this way… It’s not a quiet “God seeking us out” but a loud and clear “God running toward us, ready to consume us with his love!”

The other line that shouts to me is “these hallelujahs be multiplied.” I could never be worthy to worship and praise God the way he deserves for all he has done for me. My feeble attempts at prayer, praise, worship sometimes feel so small and insignificant. In singing out for my feeble offerings to “stretch across the sky” and for my hallelujahs to be multiplied, I can say to God, “I’m trying to praise you the best I know how, but I need your help. Take this meager sacrifice of praise and grow it, make it into the magnificent praise and adoration only You could deserve.”

Go here to listen to Multiplied.

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