Along the ride

Yesterday, I wrote about happiness being a byproduct of gratitude. (Read HAPPY here.) After writing that post, I hopped on my brand new bike to take it out for its maiden ride. I thought I’d just ride up the road a little, check it out, see how it feels, make sure the seat height is right… Nothing too radical. After all, I hadn’t ridden for several years because of spine issues and surgeries.

IT FELT SO GOOD!!!!! I rode a little way up the road, then a little further, then I conquered a long hill. I set myself a boundary and, when I reached it, I sent up a bullet prayer of thanks to God. I rode for an hour! It was HARD. We live on a little country road with lots of hills and curves. A challenging course for most accomplished riders. Granted, I stayed in the lowest gear while conquering those hills, but conquer I did! And all along the way I was sending up prayers of thanks and gratitude.

Gorgeous blue skies
Wispy clouds
Perfect temperature
Made it to the end of our road
NO dogs
Made it up that hill
Only one car
My new bike
Time to ride
Got up that long hill without having to walk my bike
My healed back so I can ride
Strong legs
My husbands encouragement
Danville Bike & Fitness for fitting me with the perfect bike

You get the picture. Overcome with gratitude!! And I have to tell you, I am a happy girl!!! It stayed with me all day as I washed furniture and put my living room back in order. The paint job looks fabulous, the furniture is rearranged and clean, the excess “stuff” is boxed up and ready to take someplace else… Any place else!

At the end of the day, I was exhausted, invigorated, grateful, thankful, and happy. I fell asleep thanking God for every little bit of it. And this morning, I have hope that my strength and health will return.

Attitude of gratitude = happy heart = hopeful spirit. And Hope can change everything!

Go here to listen to Hope Can Change Everything by the K-LOVE Fan Awards Artists

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