Sing A Song

My habit every morning is to listen. No matter what time I wake up, I come awake and wait very quietly and still so I won’t miss the music. The song is always there, usually in progress, and sometimes the music wakes me up. This morning, I came awake hearing these words from Third Day.

I want to sing a song for You, Lord
Lord, for You I want to sing a song
And I want to lift my voice to Heaven
And listen to the angels sing along

A song of Your faithfulness
A song of Your grace
And of Your loving kindness
To the glory of Your name
With everything that’s in me, Lord
Listen to me say
I want to sing a song for You
I want to sing a song

Mac Powell is the voice of Third Day and the song is called Sing A Song. (Click here to listen.) If you listen, you’ll know it’s not a gentle awakening. Mac’s raw voice blasting in my head at 6:30 a.m. had my eyes popped open and my feet on the floor.

But the words are exactly how I feel today (contrary to yesterday.) My heart has been singing this song since before I woke up. Some deep inner part of me was praising God even in my sleep. Ephesians 5:19 says to “sing and make music in your heart to The Lord.” I feel so incredibly blessed that my heart sings and makes music to The Lord of its own accord. When I’m not even trying, without any effort on my part, that inmost part of me wants to praise the name of Jesus.

The beautiful part is that it spills over into my day, my week, my life. My day goes better, I’m a happier person, and much easier to live with. I think it’s part of the “praying continuously” thing we are all called to do in the scripture. Some think of it as practicing the presence of God. I’m just a woman head-over-heels in love with Jesus, and I want everyone to know it!

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