If people loved like dogs

I didn’t post today. Our dog, Freckles, was very sick. We have the best vet in the world, and he lives next door. After some medical tests and a few hours of suffering, she passed away. Cancer. A tumor burst. I know she was “just a dog,” but I loved her and she was the sweetest dog ever.

I’m thankful God gives us dogs to love and to love us. They love unconditionally, don’t they? Imagine what the world world be like if people loved each other the way our dogs love us. Without question. Regardless of how we are treated. Loyal to a fault. Glad to just be near us. Devoted to the end. Giving others what they need.  What a better world it would be.

And isn’t that the way God loves us???

Rest in peace, Freckles. We love you.

To God be the glory!!!

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