Every Day

Every day.  Every morning that I am blessed to wake up again, I have a song in my head.  Sometimes it’s a well-known, popular song, sometimes its an oldie, sometimes it’s a song I remember from my childhood.  And sometimes it’s a brand new song… complete with orchestration and voices… just like I’m listening to the radio.  These are the times I want to skip my regular morning stuff and just go write it all down… words, music, harmonies.  Sometimes I wish I had a recorder in my head that would just do it all for me because I can’t seem to capture it all before it dissipates.  But almost always, its a song of praise to the Lord.

I have a theory about this music in my head every morning, and I’ve shared it with a few people.  But the more I think about it, the more I believe it to be true.  So here goes…

God created us with a love for music.  And some people have a gift with music… they sing or play an instrument or write music.  Music touches all areas of our brain, and has been known to reach people in the dark places of their minds when nothing else would.  But I don’t think God just created us to love music because HE loves music (though I do believe this to be true.)  I believe he gave us this gift so we would praise Him.

Think about it.  Any time you want to remember something, set it to music!  The media capitalizes on this all the time… commercial jingles, TV theme songs.  So when I take my heart and put it into a song as a gift back to God, I’m giving Him myself, and I’m giving it to Him through a gift He gave me for that express purpose.  Whether it’s a Psalm of David or a little ditty I learned ‘way back when’ makes no difference, as long as I offer it with my whole heart.

And when I wake up in the morning with these songs in my head, I feel as though my spirit has been praising God even while I sleep!!  My whole day goes better.  And that’s what this blog is about.  Posting the song in my head every day, words if I can find them, how they make me feel, a thought or two for the day in hopes that maybe YOUR day could go a little better.

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