Epic Fail

Sometimes? I wish the music would let me sleep! “Love like I’m not scared. Give when it’s not fair.” These words woke me this morning. And my brain being what it is, I went into analyzing mode. Is this a reminder? An admonition?

“Love like I’m not scared.” Am I scared? Who am I afraid to love? Am I not loving enough? Love even though I’m scared? Romans 5:8 says, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” If Jesus loved me this much, then why am I scared to love others?

“Give when it’s not fair.” What am I holding back, and from whom? Am I giving myself or just money and things? Jesus gave his everything so that I could have the privilege of giving what others need if I have it.

The lyrics are from Fix my Eyes by For KING & COUNTRY. If I’m going to fix my eyes on Jesus, then I have to look UP! I can’t look down, or behind me, or look to another, or look inside myself. Looking UP requires me to lift my eyes, to raise them higher. Isn’t higher where we all want to be? When we are little kids we want to be picked up, put on daddy’s shoulders so we can see better. We want to get a “raise” in salary at work. We want higher grades in school. When I bake, I want my cakes to rise higher. UP is better.

Loving like I’m not afraid to do so… Giving even when it’s not “fair”… These are things I can do through Christ who gives me strength. Honestly, if I try to do them under my own power, I end up hurting myself and others. Epic fail!!

Click here to listen to Fix My Eyes.

This song sticks in my brain. I hear different pieces of lyric at different times. Click here to read Fix My Eyes written earlier from a completely different perspective.

And another perspective… Memory full. Unable to complete backup.

Featured image: pencil on paper, 1999, Sharon at 14

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