No Surprise

My niece had her baby girl yesterday, two weeks early. My daughter’s baby was due three days ago, and we’re still waiting for that precious new life to show his or her face. We don’t know what it is… They wanted to be surprised.

I love surprises, but I’m very hard to surprise (much to my husband’s consternation.) I’m a very intuitive person, and I usually know in advance what a surprise will be. Sometimes I wish it was otherwise, because it can take the joy right out of the whole situation.

That’s how God is… Impossible to surprise. He sees and knows the who, what, when, where, why and how of our lives long before we are aware of it ourselves. So why do we try to hide from God? We hide our true feelings at church and pretend our world is just fine. Isn’t church the one place we should feel free to express our sadness, loneliness, sorrow, grief, happiness, joy? With the body of Christ? Why don’t we freely express what we need to those in the family of God?

God is not surprised that I am lonely at church. He knows what’s in my heart. He sees me sit behind the piano during the sermon, trying to hide the tears in my eyes and look as though I’m intently listening to the pastor. God is not surprised that the only people on our prayer list are those who are ill or have lost a loved one. What about those suffering from depression or loneliness, even when there’s no explanation for it? I find it impossible to believe that every single marriage within the body of believers at my church is in perfect condition… That nobody is relationally challenged, at least occasionally.

Maybe, people feel as though they must hold some of that back or keep it locked inside because, if they let it out even a little, it will be impossible to stop the flood! I’ve been there. Keep it together, Keep it together, Keep it together, Keep it together… Maybe it’s because we don’t feel our personal situation is as important or as worthy as someone else’s. NOT TRUE!!!!

1 Peter 5:7 says to cast “ALL your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” ALL. It doesn’t say to cast SOME of our cares and worries on him. It doesn’t say “cast your important issues up here, but you take care of the rest.” ALL!!!! No matter what we are concerned about, no matter how petty we think it might be, God wants it all. Because when we bring it all, we bring ourselves. And that’s really what God is after, you know… Ourselves. Us. All of us. Not just the parts we think he needs to have.

We do it with our best friends or our spouses, don’t we? We make sure they’re aware of every little issue we are dealing with, or every feeling we need to talk through. That’s what God wants us to do. Cast it all on him. Bring it to him every day, all day. Lay it at His feet and know without a shadow of a doubt that God’s got this!

Click here to listen to the song in my head, God With Us by MercyMe. Emmanuel. God is WITH us!!

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