He Knows My Name

Applause. There’s nothing like finishing a performance and hearing the applause, seeing the appreciation of the audience, feeling their delight with your finished product. When you’ve been up there and given your whole self to a show, or put your heart and soul into the music, the applause is doubly special. Validation that you DO have a gift, or know your stuff, or have followed the right path. I do love applause, but do I truly need it??

The song in my head this morning says, “no.” It’s Francesca Battistelli singing He Knows My Name.

I don’t need my name in lights
I’m famous in my Father’s eyes
Make no mistake
He knows my name
I’m not living for applause
I’m already so adored
It’s all His stage
He knows my name
He knows my name

I’ve never had my name in lights, and I probably won’t in this lifetime. I am a showman, though, and I’ve done lots of stage work including comedy and musicals, a little drama. I’m constantly “on stage” with music… Constantly performing. I’m comfortable in front of people, which came in handy during my career in HR. I use it now with teaching music and art. It’s part of who I am, and I guess I’d shrivel up like a raisin if I were suddenly put out to pasture.

Do I NEED applause? No. Is it nice to get? Yes! But this life I live is not my own. Like the song says, “it’s all His stage.” My life is a stage for God to perform His will and His plan. It is enough that HE knows me, that HE knows who I am, that He knows my name. No matter what character I’m currently playing on stage, or what role I’m playing to those I love (wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend) God knows me better than anyone, and He knows who I am in the deepest part of me.

There is a short bridge in this song that says, “He calls me Chosen, Free, Forgiven, Wanted, Child of the King, His Forever, Held and Treasured. I am loved.” I’ll take All of the Above for the jackpot, please, Alex!

Click here to listen to He Knows My Name from Francesca Battistelli.

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