Heart full

Early in the morning, before anyone else is awake, I can hear my clock tick. Every sound is amplified in the quiet stillness of the house. My head is still full from our thanksgiving celebration last night. Yes, my belly is too… somewhat. But my mind and my heart are still stuffed with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It seems a little lame to say it was so “good” to see everyone, but it WAS good.

The pictures we took didn’t turn out so well, but my memories are bright and clear. For a few short hours, all my children and grandchildren were home at the same time. This is a priceless treasure to me. It’s a gift that only a mother could want and love so very much… Time with her children, all together. Sharing the same space, breathing the same air, hearing the same sounds, all the kids laughing and playing. Sometimes there aren’t enough words. Blessed beyond measure. Overwhelmed by God’s goodness and mercy toward us.

My house is a disaster. I’ll deal with it later. Tomorrow is a marathon day for me, followed by a week of dress rehearsals and performances, doctor appointments, painting classes to teach, and so much more. But for these few minutes, I’m sitting in the quiet of my studio watching the sun rise on a gray morning, listening to the clock tick and the music in my head, remembering last night and marveling at how blessed I am to be the mother and grandmother of these beautiful people I call my family.

It was so good to see everyone. God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.

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