Wait for it…

I’m not a good waiter… As in “one who waits.” Patience is NOT my best thing. I’ve gotten better at it through the years, but there’s not as much to wait for! As a kid, we waited for everything… Christmas, birthdays, dinner, dessert, play time, school to start, school to end, and (dare I say it given the last few weeks in Kentucky?) snow days… How often we were told to be patient! 

Easter is my favorite holiday and my favorite day in the church year. So the Lenten season seems interminable for me. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Lenten hymns and their sorrowful beauty. I love the lyrics and all their meaning as they carry us toward the cross. But Easter morning? Nothing compares. So this Lenten time of waiting for the joy of the resurrection is hard for me. I’m not supposed to sing Alleluia, yet my heart still sings “He Is Risen!” I know I’m supposed to select songs of the cross for prelude or offertory, but can I help it if I’m drawn to jazz arrangements??

For me, one of the joys of being a Christian is knowing the end of the story!! Yes, Lent helps me remember Jesus and the sacrifice He made for me; but since I’ve accepted His precious and gracious gift of salvation, I am His. My future is secure. I know my final destination and Home is where my heart is. I cannot be sad during this time of Lent. I can only look forward to Easter morning when we finally, unabashedly, and with our whole hearts can say HE IS RISEN!!! ALLELUIA!!!!!! 

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2 thoughts on “Wait for it…

    1. Good Friday breaks my heart!!! Especially in a Tenebrae service when they do the “strepitus” and slam the Bible shut with the light of God extinguished. I weep the rest of the day!!!


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