Keep your barn doors open!

Another beautiful sunrise through these barn doors this morning! God is such an awesome Artist!!!!!

Martha Robertson Art

The sunrise was beautiful this morning. When I woke up, the color was just creeping into the sky. When I looked out the kitchen window, I saw the sunlight starting to wake up the world behind the barn on our neighbors farm. The coolest thing is that the barn doors are open so the light from behind was shining through. The picture is grainy, but maybe you can see it.IMG_0941.JPG
It got me thinking… The light of God is like that sunlight shining in our lives. It warms and fills everything it touches! Our job, as Christians, is to have our barn doors open so the light can shine through us. We can’t save it all for ourselves and keep it locked inside. We must throw open the doors and windows of our hearts so that God’s love can shine through us and touch others.

Matthew 5:16
In the same…

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