Jesus Sticks!!

When you’re head over heels in love, you make a fool of yourself sometimes. May I ever be foolish for Jesus, because he is nuts about ME!!

Martha Robertson Art

Who loves you?

No, seriously. Who in your life do you know, without a doubt, loves YOU? Even when they don’t want to love you? Even when you’re being difficult? Even when you wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t love you? Even when you don’t want them to love you because you’re too mad at them right now?

Who loves you anyway? Isn’t it amazing what a little word can do to a question? Anyway. Despite all your “stuff.” Regardless of the pain you’ve caused. Even though you don’t deserve it. Unconditionally. Who loves you anyway? By now, I know that a name or two or six has popped into your brain. Thank them. Tell them how much you appreciate them for hanging in there with you and loving you in spite of everything.

Have you ever pushed someone away on purpose? Maybe fear set in, and you wanted…

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