Ready or not…

I am NOT ready for Fall. Autumn. That beautiful season of the year, at least in our part of the world, when God paints His creation in gorgeous golds and oranges and reds, and the temperatures drop enough that I pull on a sweater or jacket. I am NOT ready to put away my flip flops and shorts. I am NOT ready for short days and long nights… for Halloween decorations or planning Thanksgiving dinner. But ready or not, here it comes! It’s Fall, y’all!! 

What AM I ready for?? Birthdays for my Dad and three of my grandchildren are in the Fall. Making pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll for my family. Frost killing off the ragweed is high on the list. Riding my bike in cooler weather means longer distances and gorgeous scenery. Mums. A fire in the evening to take the chill out of the air because we don’t want to turn on the heat yet. The whole family and more coming together around several tables at Thanksgiving. It’s mayhem and I love every minute of it… Just not the planning part ;).

The song in my head this morning is Kristian Stanfill’s Even So Come. 

Like a bride waiting for her groom
We’ll be a Church ready for You
Every heart longing for our King
We sing
Even so come
Lord Jesus, come

Since I was a kid, I’ve been playing and singing Jesus Is Coming Soon, an old southern gospel song. Forty years later I am still waiting. But I’m ready!! I gave my heart to Jesus a long time ago, and I have tried to serve Him the best way I know how through the years. Sometimes I got it right. Sometimes I didn’t. But we have walked this journey together, usually with Him carrying me!! I have longed for the day when I see His precious face. I may not be ready for cold weather or the holidays, but I AM ready for You, Lord. And until that day, use me. Make me an instrument of Your peace. Even if I have to wear a jacket to do it.

Even so come, Lord Jesus.

Click here to listen to Even So Come. 

Even So Come

I freed a butterfly yesterday. The poor thing was trapped in a spider’s web outside the kitchen window. Its wing had been caught at the top edge, just enough to keep it trapped but not enough to stop it altogether, so that it was more tethered than trapped. This beautiful creature would take off as if to fly away from its bonds only to struggle and flap its wings to no avail, rest a while, and then repeat the agonizing process again and again.

I couldn’t stand it. I pulled a pair of scissors out of the drawer and carefully opened the window. The butterfly continued its “take off-struggle-rest” cycle so that it was difficult to get the scissors in the right place. During a brief rest period, I was able to snip the strand of web that was keeping the butterfly stuck in the spider’s snare. In an instant, it was soaring high and fast, farther and farther away from its earthly trappings, finally free to be the creature God made it to be.

As I opened my eyes this morning, a line from Kristian Stanfill’s song, Even So Come, was singing over me and through me.

Every heart longing for her King

We sing

Even so, come

Lord Jesus, come

Come, Lord Jesus, and free me from this web that is keeping me from being the woman You created me to be.

Come, Lord Jesus, and free me from the tethers that hold me to my old life, my earthly life, my selfish and sinful life… Chains that bind me to what I can’t even see, yet they keep me from soaring toward all that you have waiting for me. 

I cannot free myself. You’ve watched me struggle to break free, and You’ve seen me worn out with the trying. 

You’ve welcomed me when I came to You for rest from the fight, only to see me return to the restraints and constrictions of my own choosing. 

Come, Lord Jesus, and sever the tie. Help me to rest in Your goodness and grace, Your mercy and unfailing love. Already, I give You the praise and the glory for it. There is none like You. Amen.

Click here to listen to Even So Come from Kristian Stanfill.

Untitled Blog

When I woke up this morning, the sun was peaking over the horizon, checking to see if I was ready to play. More than ready, I jumped out of bed, almost giddy with anticipation and excitement. My studio waits patiently, like a long-lost friend, as I make a cup of dark French roast coffee and head up the stairs.

Watching the familiar sunrise from my studio window, I think of all the sunsets I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks. Amazing Technicolor displays over mountains, the piedmont, the ocean… Stunning! And yet. And yet, nothing compares to the sun rising over the farmland and treetops right here in central Kentucky. Because it’s home.

As I fell asleep last night in my own bed in my own house, I was thanking God for safe travels, a chance to rest and relax, time away with my husband, beautiful places to visit, dear friends and family who provided for us during this time… and so much more. As I awoke this morning, this one line of lyric and music is running through my head…

How will I ever declare my love for You?

Because I feel that, no matter how I try, I will never be able to express to my precious Lord Jesus how much I love Him. How grateful I am to God for His blessings beyond measure. Words cannot express how my heart feels at this moment on this Lord’s day to be here, in my home, in my studio, with my Bible and my coffee, writing this love letter to God. And I can only imagine that this is a teeny tiny, itty bitty little piece of how I will feel when I finally make it Home to Heaven and see Jesus face to face.

Have a listen to a couple of songs that popped into my mind as I wrote… Both are MercyMe songs.

I Can Only Imagine

Finally Home

I chose the title for this blog because none others seemed to fit. The featured image is our home in Kentucky.


Have you ever gone back to a place you’ve only ever been to once before, but the moment you saw it or stepped foot on it, you knew… Home. Our vacation spot is the same place we visited last year. When we finally arrived late yesterday and set foot in the sand and heard the ocean and the birds, saw the water and felt the breeze, I said out loud to my husband, “I’m home!!!!”

I knew I was in desperate need of a vacation, a little time away to relax and rest. I just had no idea how much until I set foot on the beach. Then, every song I knew about “home” popped into my head. From Simon and Garfunkel (Home, where the music’s playing) to MercyMe (when I finally make it home) to John Denver (Ain’t it good to be back home again.)

The song in my head this morning doesn’t have anything to do with being home or the beach. But it gives me reason to believe and hope in my heavenly home. That final place where I will be with my Lord Jesus forever, that place where I will take one step and know that I am home.

You lived a life I could never live
You died the death, oh, that I deserve
You rose to life and now You live
That’s how You forgive

Because Jesus died and rose again, because He forgives me all my sins and casts them as far as the East is from the West, I WILL be home in heaven someday.

Listen to Shane & Shane perform That’s How You Forgive