Sleepless in Kentucky

I can’t sleep. Can I stay here with You? You’re the reason I can’t sleep anyway, You know. I mean, I tried to sleep. But I was just keeping my husband awake with all the trying… the tossing and turning and shifting. But You’re heavy on my mind, so I thought I might as well get up and come talk to You.

How do You do it? How do You overwhelm me so completely? You show me every day how much You love me in the little things like this morning. Flowers, birds, crickets, breezes, wind chimes, coffee… I am blessed every day by these and so much more. But lately You have blown me out of the water with Your love and grace and mercy!

Only this week, You have shown me how Your love is like a waterfall that I have been standing behind. You’ve kept me there, safe and sheltered from the world. But something (You?) compelled me to step up into the falling water of Your love, to let it wash over me. I’m not even drenched yet, and it’s almost too much! It’s too beautiful, to wonderful for me to think about.

Your Grace showed up and Mercy came along with it. That was on Wednesday. Well, today they were back with a double portion! You sent me exactly what I needed at 5:00 and I was grateful. At 8:00 You threw in an extra helping, and at 9:00 You added dessert with whipped cream and cherry on top! My heart is full to overflowing… So much so that I can’t sleep for thinking and rethinking how You’ve loved me this week.

What does it look like when I love You?
What does my heart say?
Do my soul and mind and strength
Reveal who I am in You?
What does it look like when I love You?

I want the world to know how crazy in love with You I am, and how much You love me. Because it’s not a quiet love. It’s not a keep-it-to-myself kind of love. It’s a BIG wrap-me-up-in-mercy-and-never-let-me-go kind of love. The kind that can only come from You. You are perfect love.

Thank You for pouring Your perfect love into my imperfect heart. For washing me in the water of Your Grace and Mercy and showing me just a tiny little glimpse of Your beauty. I love you, God!!!!

Good night.

When You Least Expect It

Sometimes, I don’t know why a particular song is in my head when I wake up. That’s okay, though, because God is always showing me something through the music. Today is different. Today, I know why my spirit is flooded with music about grace, specifically Matt Redman’s Your Grace Finds Me.

It’s there on the mountain top
There in the everyday and the mundane
There in the sorrow and the dancing
Your great grace
Oh, such grace

From the creation to the cross
There from the cross into eternity
Your grace finds me
Yes, Your grace finds me

Grace found me yesterday, when I least expected it. I was minding my own business, sweeping my front walk, tending my ferns, hanging pictures back on the wall since the painting is finished. I missed a phone call in all the busy-ness. Grace left me a voicemail. One of those last-thing-I-expected-today kinds of things. It flat-out put me prostrate on my living room rug, praising God for his goodness and mercy.

See, just a couple of hours earlier, I had been blogging about how God’s love is like a Waterfall… A wall between us and the world, cooling and refreshing when we stand behind it. But standing in the middle of the waterfall of God’s love will knock us down with his overwhelming, all-consuming grace and mercy. And then Grace SHOWED UP!!

Like a sponge left on the sink, dried and cracked, my thirsty heart soaked it up. God’s love filled all the holes and cracks. His mercy soaked into every pore and cell of my heart. His Grace drenched my parched and thirsty heart, swelling it to the size and shape He planned for it to be from the beginning. The “every day and the mundane” gets in the way sometimes, if we let it. The sorrow of our days. The interruptions in our lives. They can dry that heart-sponge out again. But Grace is there!

It’s there in a newborn cry
There in the light of every sunrise
There in the shadows of this life

It’s there on the wedding day
There in the weeping by the gravesite
There in the very breath we breathe

It’s the same for the rich and poor
The same for the saint and for the sinner
Enough for this whole wide world

I chose the featured image because it screams Grace to me. Beauty from ashes, flowers growing out of the stones, God cares for the smallest flower and he cares for me! Taken in Rabat, Morocco in October 2013.

Listen to Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman

Read Your Grace Finds Me from my post in May this year.


I’ve never been to Niagara Falls. I’ve always wanted to go, and I hope to get there some day. I’ve been to several other waterfalls including Hawaii and Tennessee. In Kentucky, Cumberland Falls is beautiful! IMG_0733.JPG
I love walking behind the waterfall… Standing back there with a torrent of water making a wall between me and the world. Cool. Refreshing.

The instant my eyes opened this morning, my spirit was in the middle of Chris Tomlin’s Waterfall.

Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall
Running wild and free
You hear my heart when I call, when I call
Deep calls to deep
Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall
Raining down on me
Waterfall, waterfall

Just like standing behind that waterfall, God’s love pours down on us, hides us, makes a wall between us and the “world,” refreshes us. His love is BIG. And if we allow ourselves to stand in its full force, it will flat-out knock us down and drench us in the overwhelming, all-consuming love of the Most High God. I could use that today.

Cumberland Falls photo by my friend, Kathy Duncan.

Featured image: Niagara Falls evening, Bing.

Click here to listen to Waterfall by Chris Tomlin. Note: This is also an ASL version 🙂